PA and Lighting

Ambience’s PA rig is fully modular and adaptable; it can cater for different size venues ranging from a
small lounge type venue to a larger hall type.

Ambience use subtle, but highly effective lighting. The emphasis is on creating the right mood and
atmosphere, so that people can sit back & enjoy, or get up and dance as they wish. As in the PA,
once again the Lighting rig is fully modular, dependant on the size and scale of the venue.


PA; Yamaha MG 166CX mixer
2 Mackie SRM450s / Mackie SRM350
Behringer Ultra-voice XM8500 Mics
Beyer Dynamic High Performance Mics
Laney 65W Powered Monitor

Lighting; NJD 8000s Lighting Controller
Transcension Show Director
Par 56 Lighting cans
Slimline UV Led Par 64 Cans

2 D50 Synthesizers
Roland MC80 Micro Composer
Roland VE-GS Pros
Roland SP404 Sampler
Roland U110 Sound Module
Roland KC550 Keyboard Combo Amp
Guitar, Bass and Drums
Guitar; Levinson Blade Superstrat guitar
Line 6 PODXt Live. Pro Guitar effects footpedal
150W Peavey Stereo Chorus Combo
Bass; Ibanez Bass guitar
Ashdown 150 Watt Bass Combo
Drums; Pearl Export Drums
Zildjian Cymbals

Pat test and Public Liability
Equipment is pat tested and public liability insurance is in place as standard.

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