Photo of musician Andy Vargo holding a red guitar


Singer / Vocal Coach

Andy possesses a unique and extraordinary gift; a strikingly powerful and sonorous baritone

voice, inspired by singers as diverse as Scott Walker / Jimmy Radcliffe / Iggy Pop / Frank

Sinatra / James Brown / Alan Vega / John Lydon / Boy George / Ozzy Osbourne / Karen

Carpenter / Van & Jim Morrison / Bryan Ferry / Debbie Harry / Ray Charles / Gary Numan / Gil Scott Heron / Jobriath / Seal / Steve Tyler / Paul Carrack / Marlene Dietrich  / Dusty Springfield / Alice Cooper / Ray Wilson / Rod Stewart / Peter Gabriel / Joni Mitchell / Harry Nillson and Howlin Wolf.

Andy is more than happy to pass on some of his considerable knowledge and expertise to
aspiring singers or indeed more experienced singers as a vocal coach.

Keyboards player
With a passion for classical piano in his formative years, Andy then moved onto synthesizers

and electronic keyboards, including midi and drum programming with some considerable

gusto, and is now a much in demand and seasoned keyboards player and programmer.

He has a particular fondness for Roland gear, especially some of the early synths; e.g. the D50.

He encapsulates everything from Hammond Organ style vamping to analog synth textures and

effects, whilst mindful of his pianistic roots. Mentors include; Ray Manzarek / George Shearing / Jimmy Destri / Dr. John / Scott Thurston / George Duke / Dave Greenfield and Jon Lord. >See Gear

Guitarist / Bass player
Andy's approach to guitar has been mainly as an accompaniment to his singing, and as a

catalyst for composition, based on a chordal rhythm style, with a penchant for acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, inspired by early David Bowie, Nick Drake, and Neil Young. Andy's electric preference is a power chord approach akin to 70's rockers like Steve Jones and Tony Iommi, combined with a genuine affection for classic 60's Rock'n'roll style or "Surf" guitar made famous by Dick Dale, and Duane Eddy. Andy also admires Bill Nelson, Phil Manzanera, Rory Gallagher and Randy Rhoads. Andy occasionally enjoys playing rock/blues style bass guitar with a plectrum, influences are; Ron Asheton / Dave Alexander / Geezer Butler / Gaye Advert / Lemmy / John Entwistle and Gary Valentine. He also admires Pino Paladino, Herbie Flowers, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Johnson, and Fernando Saunders.

MD / Arranger
Andy is a well respected and supremely organised MD, with a natural flair for musical

arrangement and a good ear. His versatility and knowledge, matched with a patient,

conscientious, and hard working approach make him a considerable asset and a steady

pair of hands when in search of calm and clear organisation and direction.

Arrangers Andy likes include; Angela Morley aka Wally Stott / Nelson Riddle /

Peter Knight / Quincy Jones / Billy May / Isaac Hayes / Ivor Raymonde and John Barry.

Producer / Programmer
Andy's production and programming skills are exemplified by an imaginative and creative

approach to the aural landscape. He has the ability to recognise the important qualities of an

artist and to bring those qualities to the fore, whilst lending a sympathetic ear to their needs.

Producers whose work Andy admires include; Norman Whitfield / Brian Eno / Phil Spector /

Tony Visconti / George Martin / Trevor Horn / Rick Rubin / Arif Mardin / Joe Meek and Don Was.

Songwriter / Composer
Andy was instinctively a songwriter even before he became a
singer or musician.

Quite simply, a natural. He's a prolific and gifted songwriter of the very highest calibre.

He composes lyrics and music himself or in collaboration with other co-writers.

Songwriters & composers he admires include; Jimmy Webb / Jacques Brel / Burt Bacharach

and Hal David / Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill / Clifford T. Ward / Lee Hazelwood / Antonio

Vivaldi / John Lennon / Rod Temperton / Syd Barrett / David Bowie / Lou Reed /

Roger Waters / Robert Schumann and Leonard Cohen.


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