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I remember I first met Andy years ago when I was in a band that was going nowhere. Andy turned up to try out for the vacant post of singer. I’d already decided that I was going to quit the band after the rehearsal but 4 bars into the first number with Andy singing I couldn’t play my guitar I was so awestruck by his amazing vocal talent. I decided to keep my mouth shut and stay with the band. Needless to say Andy’s vocals and his masterly craft with a melody transformed the band into a successful one. But Andy is much more than a great singer and songwriter. He is a gifted musician on piano and guitar and also a superb producer and arranger.  He has done amazing production work for me on various projects but what is so great is his patience and ability to really listen to what you want and then deliver the goods. Finally, I’d only ever previously played guitar in front of an audience. Thanks to Andy’s vocal coaching I now have the confidence and technical ability to sing and front my own band.
Ian Rooke - Guitarist and Singer with The Craters

Needing theme music for a TV series proposal I gave Andy a very specific brief and virtually no time at all…The track he delivered ticked all of the boxes and exceeded my expectations, it was a very professional piece of production work… and importantly the speed with which he put it together enabled me to get an already delayed presentation back on schedule…

Wally Hyde - independent Producer

Having worked with Andy many many times in the Studio., I can say that he is as near to GENIUS as it gets when it comes to writing and arranging vocals, guitars and keyboards.


Angus Wallace - Chief Engineer at Far Heath Studios

I have been working with Andy since early 2005 and always look forward to a great rehearsal. He literally BLEW ME AWAY when he first turned up to our rehearsal! It’s always a pleasure to work with Andy. He’s calm, honest and takes time to explain everything clearly. I would be more than happy to work on any future project with him.

 Calvert Carvill – Drummer with Prince Of Darkness

Truthfully, Andy is the nicest and most professional musician, I have ever worked with.

 I now consider him a friend as well as a colleague.

Chris Dangerfield - Guitarist with Dodgie Williams

I’ve had the privilege of working with Andy now over the past 7 years. Basically the guy's a total genius. He's forgotten more than most people will ever know. And to top it off he's a rare breed of talent and reliability. A true professional.

 Ricky Raze - Guitarist with Broken Faith

I have worked with Andy for about 18 months & what I have seen for myself is the sheer professionalism he has as both a talented musician and singer songwriter and to boot also

an excellent vocal coach. He plays keyboards with my band (Prince of Darkness) and has

fitted in with the band from the word go, no challenge is too big or too small and without

him the band would not be complete, but also I have seen him play guitar and have witnessed the wide range of instruments this guy will turn his hand to. Altogether a

more genuine nice guy you couldn’t wish to meet let alone have the pleasure to work

with as part of a team.

 Izzy Osbourne - Singer with Prince of Darkness

Whilst having the pleasure of working with Andy , I found him to be 100% reliable, hard working, always thoughtful and totally dedicated to the project in hand.

Simon Atkins - Drummer with Roxy Magic

I first met Andy in 2002. At that time he was working with a Blondie tribute band. They needed a guitarist, so I auditioned... I didn't get it! But from that experience I knew that

Andy had musical talent and that he is also a totally genuine, friendly, helpful guy. Andy

and I have often laughed about this as there was always someone better than me. Never mind! The point is this: no one gets every audition they go for, but in all that time, Andy

was always the one who was the most communicative and friendly. The result is that

I knew if I needed a keyboard player myself in the future, Andy would be the guy.

Sure enough, in June 2006 I did need a keyboard player for my final performance

dissertation project (I have just completed a pop music degree at the University of Wolverhampton). I performed a tribute to Joe Satriani and Andy did a FANTASTIC JOB

with the keyboards. Not only that, we had only had one rehearsal the day before and Andy took on the role of cueing other members of the band who unfortunately were not so

familiar with the arrangements (which took a lot of pressure off me). This was well above

and beyond the call of duty. The performance was a success and Andy played a huge part

in that. Andy is totally reliable, professional, funny, genuine, talented and a great guy all round. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Matt Preston - Guitarist & Pop Music Degree Graduate

I have known Andy by various names and guises for near to 20 years now playing both original and covers music either in the studio or live, and I can say whatever the project we were involved in or wherever we played he was always totally professional in his approach. A perfectionist with an ear for detail, he can play great keyboards, guitar and bass as well as being a TRULY GREAT SINGER and he certainly knows his way around a studio as well. One of the many enjoyable times I spent with Andy was when I played drums on his "No Regrets" theatre show which was a tribute to the God-like genius of Scott Walker and The Walker Brothers. I, being Gary Walker so to speak, didn't have to do too much but smile which was challenging for me but Andy, being Scott, had to sing great, learn the words, work out all the chords, string and orchestral arrangements etc which is no mean feat! I also admire Andy for making a living out of music which is something I would like to have done myself.

Rob Simmons - Drummer and Singer with The Disciples Of Tone  


Andy has been playing keys with my Ozzy tribute band for over a year now and never

ceases to impress me. Each time I work with him, I discover more depth to his knowledge and talent. Not only are his keyboard parts spot on to the original recordings in sound and performance, he also became vocal coach for our 'Ozzy' making a big difference even after the first session. He works very well within a band unit but also has plenty of initiative which is something I admire in people. Andy is gifted in many areas of music and has a vast and varied knowledge of genres making him an incredibly useful person to have onboard.

I feel VERY fortunate to be working with him and glad to know him as a person.

Multi-talented, completely professional, totally reliable and one of the nicest guys on the planet!  That is Andy Vargo.

Des Sherwood - Guitarist with Prince of Darkness

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