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Andy Vargo – Lead & Backing Vocals / Electric & Acoustic Guitar / Keyboards /

Violin / Percussion / Drum Programming

Neil Butler – Bass Guitar 

Bal – Drums / Percussion 

Miri Stebivka – Mandolin

Andy O’Neill – Blues Harp / Electric Guitar / E-Bow on “Boy” 

Lindsey Thompson – Backing Vocals / Featured Vocals on “Perfect Girl” 

Nigel Donley – Acoustic & Electric Guitar 

Jean Johnson – Backing Vocals

Ian Rooke – Electric & Acoustic Guitar on “Nothin’ at all”

Angus Wallace – Percussion 

Dave Lowe – Keyboards / Helpful advice


Words and Music by Andy Vargo

(Except “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon & “Nothin’ at all” by Ian Rooke)


Produced by Andy Vargo

(Assisted by Angus Wallace throughout, & Rob Derbyshire on ‘Somewhere in Suburbia’)


Arranged by Andy Vargo

(Except “Nothin’ at all” arranged by Andy Vargo & Ian Rooke)


Engineered by Angus Wallace

(Except ‘Somewhere in Suburbia’ engineered by Rob Derbyshire)


Recorded and mixed at Far Heath studios

(Except “Somewhere in Suburbia” recorded & mixed at Rob Derbyshire’s studio)

All post production & mastering at Far Heath studios

CD Sleeve Artwork Design by Wally Hyde

Photos by Wally Hyde, Andy Vargo, Teresa Magee, Kevin McDermott & Darka Stebivka

Original Drawings by Andy Vargo 

Image colourisation & visual treatments by Wally Hyde


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