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About Me

Hello and welcome to the website.
I am Ian Rooke, an experienced guitar, bass guitar, ukele and mandolin teacher based in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. I have been playing the guitar for 30 years now during which time I have played in several bands and have been involved in numerous recording projects. Originally I was self taught as a guitarist, although subsequently I have trained extensively as a music teacher at the British Academy of New Music and recently at Yamaha International.
Before becoming a guitar teacher I was
a primary school teacher, acquiring a master’s degree and progressing all the way to management level. This invaluable experience means that I’m able to bring a certain professional aspect to my teaching, as well as a detailed understanding of the many different ways in which people learn.

I still teach music in schools, as well as the guitar, and I also work for Yamaha at the Solihull School of Music. The rest of my time is spent mainly on private tuition, rehearsing and playing live with my band Fingerprint and recording my own songs.
My influences are many and varied. I play all kinds of music from rock, pop, blues
and country to the more contemporary bands of today. In my teaching I cover the
styles mentioned but also delve a little into other areas such as reggae, funk and
even the occasional classical piece. I feel that to become a great musician you need
to be conversant with as many different styles of music as you can. With that in mind I encourage my pupils to bring to lessons music that they are interested in and enjoy.I feel that pupils learn more effectively if they are playing something they like and also it gives me the chance to become acquainted with new styles of music.
As a guitarist you never stop learning!


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