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All students can get a free 30 minute “Consultation” to see whether guitar
lessons are for them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a guitar you can borrow one of mine for this. If you then decide to take up guitar lessons I can advise you on the type of guitar that will be suitable to your needs and within your required budget.
            Also if you decide to have lessons and then later on introduce a friend and
they subsequently take up lessons as well, then I will be happy to give
you a 45 minute lesson for free!

The Lesson

Each lesson varies according to the needs of each student but generally in each
lesson I aim to teach you a song or piece of music. I use songs as a means to teach you how to read music and understand music theory. There is nothing more boring I feel than trying to learn an instrument through exercises and scales on their own. It’s much better to put it into the context of a piece of music and you then you can enjoy learning to play while impressing friends & family with your burgeoning talent!

 What Will I Need to Bring?

You will need to bring a guitar and a folder for storing your music.


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