Gambling is always popular. We offer Fun Casinos. Our tables include Roullette, Blackjack (21),
and American craps (dice). They are fully manned with Professional Croupier/s.
Choice of cloth colour, and fun money is provided.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

popular casino games are Blackjack & Roulette, the rules
are fairly simple & the games are fast & great fun. Your
casino should include at least one of each of them! At
your Fun Casino Event each guest receives an agreed amount of Fun money. If you are fund raising the money should be sold at an exchange rate (perhaps £20 of play money for £5 real cash). also if your event is a fundraiser make sure you cover the basic cost of your casino from
the sale of tickets. This then ensures that all proceeds
from the sale of Fun money will go to the charity or association intended. The Casino tables are then opened
for play & Fun money is exchanged at the Casino Tables
for chips. Now the Fun commences!
The tables will be staffed with Professional Croupiers
the whole evening, so that no organising needs to be
done for this side of the event. If you require a PA
system, one can be arranged at an additional fee. You
should operate your casino for 2/3 hours for maximum
enjoyment & also without loss of interest. If the event
includes dining, either start after your meal or break for
the meal. The action will get very hectic towards closing
time as people try to get among the prizewinners, so
always allow 15 minutes or so to count up & compile
your list of winners. Prizes can vary from a bottle of wine
to a weekend break & can be given to the worst or best
gamblers. If you are fundraising, a selection of prizes
well publicised, will always improve ticket sales.

You're now ready to enjoy this truly Fun Event!

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