We offer Video Race Nights. Ideal for fund raising or just a fun night for everyone.
Fully self contained, DVD quality, compered, Tote, background music, all inclusive with price.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

How to Run a Race Night

When a date is booked we proceed by providing posters to advertise the race night. Also included is a horse owner
sponsor & jockey selection list. Place the name of each race sponsor in the sponsor box alongside the race number.
Also place the race name that you or the sponsor have decided on in the box under race name, & then put whatever
the prize is over the owner & jockey column for each race. The first thing to do is get 8 sponsors for the owners &
jockey list, these may be local businesses, traders or members of your club or organisation. They will provide some
money or a prize (one for each race for owners or two if you sell jockeys). There are 8 races on the programme,
8 horses per race, that’s 64 horses in all. Next, between now & the race night you sell each horse for say £3.00 each
& place the name of each owner in the box against each horse in the owner’s box, & if you sell the Jockeys as well,
this list is best kept available for all to see as it will promote more sales.
Selling all of the horses will bring in £192 for owners & £192 for Jockeys, alternatively if you do not obtain sponsors
you could purchase 8 or 16 bottles of bubbly or liquor & present one to each of the winning owners, this would still
leave a profit of approximately £112 from the owners & £112 from the jockeys to pay for the event & leave some profit.
If sponsors donate good prizes or more money then it should be easy to sell the horses for maybe £5.00 each, this
would bring in £320.00 for owners & £320.00 for jockeys making good money for your club, charity or organisation,
e.g. 64 owners and 64 jockeys @ 35.00 each = £640.00. Alternatively, you can sell 56 horses/owners covering 7 races
for say £5.00 each, which will bring in £280.00, then we can auction the last race, the prize being that donated by the
sponsor, or 50% of the money raised by the auction, (or any % you decide) this should raise even more cash.

Race Nights
Race Nights

The Race & How to Play
The guests or punters simply select the number of the horse/s that they wish to bet on from the programme which
we provide (normally a 100) & purchase from the computer as many bet tickets as they wish for those numbers.
The more tickets they purchase, the more shares of the win pot they will receive. For example if horse number 4 wins
& the punter has three wins for that horse, then the punter will received three shares of the win pot, & the winning
owner will receive the prize or cash donated by the sponsor. It's also the same for the jockey. All tickets are for win
place only, ticket price is usually 50p per bet but can be changed.
All bets are taken through a computer with odds and payment displayed, a printout is supplied after each race to
verify bets & profit, which can vary from 0-50% and is set at the start of the event by you. If you can arrange for 40
to a 100 people to attend the race evening, the profit from the bets could amount to £150.00 or more. Add to this
the £320.00 or double for Owner/Jockeys raised from ownership, will then give you £470.00 or £790.00, plus what
you make in the auction.
At the race night, each DVD will be selected by a member of the audience, after all ticket sales have ceased, so no
one can possibly know in advance which race will run or the order of the finish. If sponsors can be found & all the
horses sold along with the profit from betting, a lot of money can be raised for your charity, club, fund or organisation.

Space required
Please be sure we have adequate space in which to operate. We have a 6ft by 6ft screen & a DVD projector which stands 8ft from the screen. Also 2 speakers on stands plus a sound sysem & computer terminal. In all we would require a 10ft by 10ft space. Please also allow room for people to get to and from the computer area to make bets.

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