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Stephen - Lead Vocals, Blues Harp & Tambourine
Andy - Keyboards, MD & Vocals
Rebecca - Bass
Kevin - Saxophone & Percussion
Deborah-Jayne - Vocals
Ben - Guitar
Martin - Guitar & Bass
Mike - Drums

We offer different LINE-UP OPTIONS from a 2/3 piece group up to a 6/7 piece group.
1. 2 piece Group
Line-up option 1; a male lead singer and a male keyboards player/singer.
2. 3 piece Group
Line-up option 2; same as the 2 piece group with the addition of a female singer.
3. 6 piece Group
Line-up option 3; a male lead singer, a male keyboards player/singer, a male guitarist,
a male or a female bass player, a male saxophonist and a male drummer.
4. 7 piece Group
Line-up option 4; same as the 6 piece group with the addition of a female singer.

Set lengths are flexible of course, would suggest 2 X 50 minute sets or a 1 X 90 minute as typical.
Second set can run slightly longer with an encore.

We sometimes perform a Double Header Show with a Blondie Tribute called ABSOLUTE BLONDIE
Their web site is For more information about this contact Andy


"Thanks for a great show at the Pumping station Friday evening. I spoke to Stephen afterwards,
the show brings the Roxy/Ferry music to life. Loved it." - Rob Breward

"Saw them at the Horse Shoe in Crewe a few weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic. This band is
a MUST see for anyone liking this music, wow just superb, all three of them, standing ovations
to many of the songs they did. Would love to see them again." - Kevin Yoxall


CONTACT Andy Vargo; Mobile: 07779 723843 / Email;
Or Write to; Andy Vargo, Roxy To Ferry, P.O. Box 2624, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 8WQ

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